Trockenfrüchte - KC – International Certification e.K.

Obst - KC – International Certification e.K.

Fische - KC – International Certification e.K.

Gemüse - KC – International Certification e.K.


Below, we present frequently asked questions concerning the kosher certificates and answers to them::

  • Is the presence of kosher inspector necessary for the entire production process?

    No! When all ingredients are confirmed to be kosher, it is usually enough for the inspector to visit the production site regularly.
  • In what cases is a full-time control required?

    If your product is being made in a plant that also manufactures non-kosher products, a full control is required. This is the only way we can confirm there is no contact between kosher and non-kosher products.
  • Do we have to buy new machines to start making kosher products?

    No! Usually it is not that hard to sterilise all your machines before commencing production of kosher goods. However, as each production process is different, a kosher inspector must verify the circumstances on the spot.
  • Does the kosher inspection requires idle time of the production process?

    Idle time may be required, for up to 24 hours. In such cases, we try to carry out the inspection within a single weekend. If the line must be cleaned regularly, we arrange the date of inspection with the production management to avoid unnecessary idle time.
  • Will I have to change the recipe/ingredients for my product?

    I depend on whether the product currently contains non-kosher ingredients. Usually there is a lot of kosher-certified alternatives to choose from. We will gladly assist you in selecting the best one!
  • Are the alternative kosher raw materials more expensive than non-kosher ones?

    Usually no. There is currently a lot of kosher-certified raw materials made in Europe. We will gladly provide you with advice!

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